All products in store are sourced locally where possible. Our aim is to support local industry and jobs. We also work with suppliers to reduce Packaging and reuse pallets where possible – this in turn reduces our carbon footprint.  

There are a wide range of products in store – some of the product groups are as follows :

Auto and Marked Fuels – Petrol, Auto Diesel, Green (Agricultural) Diesel and Kerosene (home Heating oil)

Lubricants – engine oil, hydraulic oil, penetrating oil, 2 stroke oil, Grease, Gear oil, brake & clutch fluid, Agricultural  Multi Purpose oil

Household solid fuels – Coal , BNM Peat Briquettes, Hardwood logs, kindling.

Household hardware – Buckets, brushes, mops, paint brushes, white spirit, cable ties, rope, chimney cleaning kits, adhesive tapes.

Agricultural Hardware – Electric Fencers,  wire, stakes & batteries, barbed wire, staples, nails , Tee hinges, door bolts / locks, axes, sledges, Wooden handles, sharpening  files, Creocote, Rodent Bait and traps,

Gardening – Shovels, forks, spades, rakes, crowbars, hedge shears, hoes, Bow saws, slug pellets, Garden Hoses and accessories.

Builders Hardware – hammers, trowels / floats, knives, pliers / wrenches, drill bits, safety wear, cement, lime, plasticiser, silicone, nails and fixings.

Plumbing – Brass compression fittings & copper pipe, Plastic pipe and fittings, sealants, fire cement,

Electrical / Electronic – Electric wire and cable, Plugs, sockets, light fixtures, conduit, insulating tape, switches and energy saving LED light bulbs.