Kearys are a fourth generation, family-owned and operated funeral business which has been passed from father to son for almost 150 years. Our commitment is to personally serve bereaved families in the Woodford and surrounding areas in a dignified and professional manner.

We believe in a flexible, sincere and affordable service and we are fully dedicated to achieving this. We have experience in funeral, burial, cremation and repatriation services.

We cater for all beliefs, religions and non denominational services.


Here is a link to the Citizens information website - it provides useful information in relation to what to do when some passes away.


Please feel free to call us at anytime for advice on any services, without obligation.

Typical funeral services include :

  • - The organisation of burial and cremation services.
  • - Announcements on radios, national & local newspapers and
  • - Preparation of the deceased for viewing.
  • - Grave locating and/ or purchasing & grave opening / Closing.
  • - Supply of coffins or caskets.
  • - Supply of temporary grave markers
  • - All Repatriation services